The Happy Groover

When I Snap My Fingers was the first release by The Happy Groover and it became a huge hit in 1998 in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Israel, South America, South East Asia and other territories. The Happy Groover is the brainchild of producer Jonathan Joosten, who is also responsible for artists like Tha Bomb and Remix the Remix.

In an attempt not to copy his first single when releasing the follow-up single, Joosten choose for some drastic changes. Musically, as Children Of The Dark Night was a lot less happy than the preceding single, but also by changing the artistname into The Scary Groover. The idea behind the concept: each release will be by a new ….. Groover. Terrible idea, lesson learned. Yet the concept continued with The Jungle Groover, releasing Tarzanboy 2000, a cover of Baltimora’s massive summer hit from the mid-’80s.

After that, The Happy Groover name was used for Return To The Classics, which also featured the same actor as on When I Snap My Fingers. The track was only released on vinyl.

After that, The Happy Groover went into a deep sleep.

Fast forward to September 2019: a new single by The Happy Groover was released as one of the first digitally distributed released by UniGroove. Hummell Gets The Rockets is a trance interpretation of a classic Hans Zimmer tune from the movie The Rock, which is also the leader music for a Survivor-like TV-show called Expedition Robinson. The release of the single tied in with the start of the 2019 season of the Dutch edition of the show.

For December 2020 a new Happy Groover release is scheduled: Eternity (featuring Heleen de Geest). Heleen de Geest reads the traffic info on several national Dutch radio stations and her voice is one of the most popular radio voices in the Netherlands. The track is a radio-friendly melodic Trance track, and will be released on December 4, 2020.

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