Tha Bomb

Tha Bomb started of as a joke. In 1999, Doe Maar, the most popular Dutch band from the ’80s, got back together for a series of concerts in May of 2000. With the concerts approaching, producer Jonathan Joosten got a new software program for his computer that allowed timestretching of audio. To demonstrate the possibilities of the program to a friend, Joosten sampled the hook of one of Doe Maar’s biggest hits: De Bom. He added some beats and made a quick arrangement. As the track needed a vocal, he grabbed a bootleg acapella album that he used in his DJ sets. With the track playing, the needle fell on the record. The vocal fit the track perfectly, so why look further?

When his friend came over, Joosten played the track to him. His friend looked at him and said, “You know you just created a hit, right?”

As luck would have it, Doe Maar was doing a try-out concert literally a 100 meters from the UniGroove studio. While the band was doing their show, Joosten went by and talked to their manager. He left him with a demo of the track. About a week later, the band had approved the song.

With the Doe Maar concerts starting in about a week, Joosten reached out to the former tennant of his studio, which happened to be a music programmer at national radio 3FM. Joosten dropped off a CD with the track, figuring it would be a nice gimmick to play on the radio. Within an hour the music programmer called him on his phone, saying the host of the breakfast show, Rob Stenders, was going to play the track. And he played it again every day of the week.

A week later, Joosten was informed by the radiostation they put the track on their playlist, so he’d better hurry getting it released.

Joosten signed the track to Digidance, who released it on their Paella label. Unfortunately, clearance of the Doe Maar sample turned out to be a problem after all, resulting in the Digidance release containing a resang sample. While the resang version was close, it wasn’t close enough to the original version that 3FM had been playing. While the track seemed to be a guaranteed hit, replacing the original sample killed it. The track just made it into the Top 50, but was only in there for a few weeks.

In 2017, Joosten recorded a remake of Ryan Paris’ Dolce Vita. Once again, just for fun. Joosten turned the Italo pop record into an EDM banger as he was attending a party the next day where Ryan Paris would perform. Paris was instantly fond of the new version and offered to sing to it. At that point, Joosten felt the track didn’t need his vocals. Later on, he informed if Paris was still interested, but they couldn’t work out the details. The track remained on the shelf until Joosten revived his UniGroove label in digital form. The track was released August 28th, 2019.

For 2020, new releases by Tha Bomb are planned, so stay tuned…