UniGroove Dance Hits Discovery Megamix: summer 2020

Three months after launching the UniGroove Dance Hits Discovery playlist on Spotify, Remix the Remix produced a megamix containing 113 tracks from the playlist.

The megamix is 79 minutes long. Not only does this megamix give a good impression of the best Dance music of the past three months, July, August and September of 2020, but it also launches the UniGroove Dance Hits Discovery Mix Show. The plan is to produce new shows on a regular basis and offer these to (internet) radio stations to air. Not every Mix Show will be a megamix like the first episode, but if the megamix is appreciated, doing one of these every three months is certainly an option. Radio stations who are interested in airing the UniGroove Dance Hits Discovery Mix Show are asked to contact UniGroove: info AT unigroove DOT com.