Remix The Remix – Void Vision out now!

Remix The Remix just released a new single: Void Vision. The track is a remake of the same-titled song by Cyber People, a project of Theo Spagna, which was released in 1985. Recently, elements of Void Vision were used in Purple Disco machine – Exotica.

While this track by Remix The Remix was actually produced over a year ago, and since then only used in DJ sets by producer Jonathan Joosten, the success of Exotica resulted in requests to finally release this version as well. Well, now would probably be a good time to release the song.

The story behind this remake: After hearing Cyber People – Void Vision for the first time, around 1985, producer Jonathan Joosten fell in love with the track. A few years later he was able to buy a copy of the record. He discovered that the b-side contained a ‘Slow Version‘ of the track. More importantly, the first ten seconds of this ‘Slow Version’ contained a sort of demo version of the main melody of the song. Ever since hearing that intro, Joosten wanted to use that in a new music production. Fast forward to late 2019 and Joosten finally got around to producing the version he had in mind for over three decades.

So what took so long to release the song? Simply put: the lyrics. Or better, not being able to identify the lyrics from the original song. All Cyber People songs are sung by a vocoder, which makes it difficult to understand what is precisely being sung. Over the years, many people have tried to figure out what the exact lyrics for Void Vision should be. There are lyrics available on certain websites, but they turned out to be a very poor interpretation of what is being sung. Joosten resang all vocals through a vocoder as well. He recorded two different versions of the song, but each version used different lyrics. As he was unable to figure out which lyrics were the correct ones, the song ended up on the shelf and became a private DJ tool foor Joosten.

Soon after Purple Disco Machine released Exotica, Joosten received the first requests to release his version of the song as well. While the matter of the lyrics still wasn’t solved, Joosten went ahead and finished the versions he had been working on using the vocals he felt sounded best, ignoring whether they made any sense. The Radio Edit of the Original Mix is now available on Spotify and all other streaming platforms. For DJ’s there is also the full Original Mix available, as well as a Tech House remix by Tha Bomb.

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