UniGroove launches DJ pool

UniGroove Music has launched a DJ pool to distribute its new productions to DJs all over the world. Members of the UniGroove DJ Pool are referred to as Unigroovers. Becoming a Unigroover is easy. Simply sign up on the special form and you will receive an email about future releases and how to download them for free when they are due to be released.

Besides new releases, UniGroovers will also receive emails about new remixes, bootlegs, mashups, recorded DJ sets, and more. Tip for DJs who are just joining: check out the Download section for some of the earlier promos.

New release: Diamond in the night (Caglioni – Maurinaz remix)

Out now in all major music stores and on streaming services: Remix The Remix – Diamond in the Night (feat. Bowman) [Caglioni – Maurinaz remix]. Clicking the link will display a hyperfollow page with the most important links to Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport and other platforms.

The Caglioni – Maurinaz remix of Diamond in the Night is produced by the Italian duo of Adriano Caglioni and Luca Maurinaz.Adriano Caglioni is also the original producer of Felli’s original version of Diamond in the Night, which came out in 1983. Remix The Remix producer Jonathan Joosten had reached out to Adriano Caglioni in order to get permission to release his remake of Diamond in the Night. Once Caglioni heard the new version, not only was he happy to give it his blessing, but he also requested the vocals to make a new version himself. For this remix he teamed up with Luca Maurinaz, a Club DJ who has also worked for several big Italian radio networks.

New release: Remix The Remix – Diamond in the Night (feat. Bowman)

Available on all your favorite streaming services and online music stores as of today: Remix The Remix – Diamond In The Night (feat. Bowman). The song is a deephouse remake of Felli – Diamond in the Night, which was released in 1983 on Disco Magic records. The song is considered a classic in the Italo Disco scene.

The story behind this song
Originally, a new version of Diamond In The Night was recorded in 2018. Bowman is a U.S.-based singer who recorded new vocals in his studio. These were used on the 2018 version of the song. That version was included on UniGroove’s ADE sampler. Patrick von Hecke, at the time A&R manager at ZYX Music, was very enthusiastic about this sampler and wanted to sign four tracks of it right away. One of those four tracks was Diamond In The Night.

So negotiations began, but before an agreement could be reached, Patrick left the company for another job. Despite reaching out to his replacement, nobody from ZYX responded anymore and the track ended up on the shelf.

After hearing Regard – Ride it in 2019, producer Jonathan Joosten figured the mood of that track would fit the lyrics of Diamond In The Night very well. A new version was recorded, which is the version that came out today.

As there was no artistname assigned to this project, the name Remix The Remix was chosen, as that sort of saptures what happened with this song: The remix of the remix became the version that got released.

Free download
DJs, please notice that on streaming services and online music stores only the Radio Mix of Diamond In The Night is available. The longer Original Mix, with DJ-friendly intro and outro, is only available in the Downloads section of unigroove.com, for FREE!