UniGroove is the record label of Utrecht-based DJ/Producer Jonathan Joosten. UniGroove produces and releases various styles of Dance music, for various artists.

A little history

UniGroove was founded in 1997. During the Amsterdam Dance Event of that year Jonathan Joosten was looking for a label for a new production: The Happy Groover – When I Snap My Fingers. The track, based on a popular Dutch beer commercial, got signed a few days after the event to a sublabel of Arcade Music and became a big hit in The Netherlands, Belgium (top 3), France, Israel, South America and Asia.

The followup single, Children Of The Dark Night, used a different artist name: The Scary Groover. The idea was to change the mood of The Groover with every release. Bad idea.

The single did however become a hit in The Netherlands, due to a parody on When I Snap My Fingers called Hassan Jassan – Schapie schapie schapie.

The third single release was The Jungle Groover feat. Mr Z. – Tarzan Boy 2000, which was produced upon request of the record company, to tie-in with Disney’s Tarzan movie. For this single a special animated music video was created, which is packed with jokes, mocking Tarzan and Jane.

The track got signed to East West in London, but didn’t become the commercial success the record label had hoped for. Surprisingly, the Smooth Jungle Groove track, which was produced in a few hours as a bonus track for the vinyl and CD Maxisingle release was picked up by many big-name club DJ’s in The Netherlands, including DJ Jean who inserted it on one of his Madhouse compilation albums.

Around 1999/2000 remixes were produced of Drohmus – I Need You and a compilation CD Club Trance In The Mix was mixed. Both were released by Arcade Music.

Mid 2000, Tha Bomb – Tha Bomb was released with Digidance, which became a club hit that made it into the National Top 50 chart.

After that came the BEEP project, which took a lot of time to finalize. Following a rather creative promotional campaign during MIDEM, the single Beep, Beep, Beep Goes My Ringtone Melody was licensed to Avex Asia.

The b-side of that track, became DJ Idol – ‘Allo, and was licensed to EMI in London. A funny music video was shot in a popular London club with leading roles for sock puppets.

After focusing on his career as DJ Joe Nathan, Jonathan Joosten picked up producing music again at the end of 2017. One of the first tracks he produced back then was Tha Bomb – Dolce Vita. As the music industry had changed quite a bit, it took until 2019 before this track officially was released.

Before this release, in 2018, UniGroove produced a remix of Kanomarli – Thinking About Your Love, which was released on the Chicago-based I Am House label.

In 2019, a new single by The Happy Groover was also released: Hummell Gets The Rockets. This is a Trance-styled remake of a classic Hans Zimmer movie score, that in Europe is used for a survivor-like TV-show called Expedition Robinson.

Both Dolce Vita and Hummell Gets The Rockets were produced in 2018/2019. In this period, close to 100 productions were being worked on to be released by UniGroove. Many of these productions are remakes of known and lesser-known ’80s club hits, often based on old Italo Disco songs. Many of these tracks are already part of Joe Nathan’s DJ sets. The plan is to release the best of these productions in 2020 and onwards.

The first UniGroove release in 2020 was Remix The Remix – Diamond In The Night (feat. Bowman).

With lots of productions ready to be released, UniGroove is looking to release these strategically, mainly focusing on three artists: Remix The Remix, The Happy Groover and Tha Bomb.


For more info on UniGroove and its releases, feel free to reach out by emailing to: info @ unigroove . com (no spaces).