New: Unigroove Dance Hits Discovery playlist on Spotify

Ever since UniGroove DJ/Music Producer Jonathan Joosten developed an interest in music, he’s been on the lookout for the Dance hits of tomorrow. And he’s been pretty good at it. In the past, he predicted many hits long before they were picked up by other DJs and/or radio stations. Today, after DJ’ing for over 30 years, discovering the best new Dance music is still a sport to him.

To give you an idea of the latest Dance music discovered by Jonathan Joosten, check out the UniGroove Dance Hits Discovery playlist on Spotify. The concept behind the playlist is simple:

  1. Only recently released Dance music is applicable to enter
  2. The playlist isn’t pretending to be the first to feature new music, but the music featured may still be new to many as it may not be released in your territory (yet).
  3. Whether a track makes it onto the Unigroove Dance Hits Discovery playlist mostly depends on the personal taste of curator Jonathan Joosten. This is not a playlist that lists everything just to have it listed.
  4. There is no limit to the number of tracks playlisted, but playlisted tracks can’t be listed for more than three months. It may very well be possible that tracks become huge hits after they have been removed from the playlist as they maxed out the three-month maximum listing.

If you would like to submit new Dance Music releases for playlist consideration, please send a Spotify link to: playlist @ unigroove . com (no spaces).

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