Original version of Tha Bomb – Tha bomb (feat. Doe Maar) released after 20 years

This track was the first single by Tha Bomb. It was produced in 2000 by UniGroove owner Jonathan Joosten to coincide with the reunion concerts of Doe Maar, the most popular Dutch band ever. Their blend of Ska and Reggae, combined with Dutch vocals made them extremely popular in The Netherlands and Belgium in the early ’80s.

Tha Bomb sampled the vocal hook of ‘De Bom,’ one of Doe Maar’s No. 1 hit singles. While the track started out as a joke, it soon blew up big time. The track was instantly picked up by both radio- and club DJs alike. National Dutch radio even playlisted the track for weeks, while there was only a white label vinyl available for a handful of Club DJ’s.

The track was about to be released, when another label caused some trouble, resulting in the Doe Maar sample being replaced by a cover version. While very well done, it wasn’t the version that the radio was playing. The result: no hit after all 🙁

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first single by Tha Bomb, the previously unreleased version of Tha bomb, with the original sample by Doe Maar, is now finally being released after all! Check it out and you’ll probably agree that it’s amazing how well the track stood the test of time.

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