New release: Tha Bomb – Dolce Vita

Available on all your favorite streaming services and online music stores as of today: Tha Bomb – Dolce Vita. This is a bouncy EDM-style remake of Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita, which is probably the biggest Italo Disco hit record ever. The track is produced by Jonathan Joosten, who has been playing it in his DJ-sets for the past two years. Why the delay?

Joosten: “Originally, I recorded Dolce Vita in 2017. The night I produced this track was one where I really was ‘in the zone’ and everything just fell together perfectly. The bassline at the beginning of the song became the hook. Then there is this plinky melody, which seemed perfect to introduce in the break of the track and build it back up from there. I think it’s interesting I was able to build a complete track based on the first 20 seconds of the original.”

So why Dolce Vita?
Joosten: “The night I produced Dolce Vita was the night before I was going to a party with some friends. Ryan Paris would be performing at that party and knowing that probably helped in producing it so quickly. It seemed like a fun idea to see how he would respond to a modern remake of his hit. I think I started working on the track around midnight and by 5:00 AM the track was finished.”

So how did Ryan Paris respond?
Joosten: “He was easy to approach. When he heard my new version, his jaw dropped to the floor. He liked it a lot and instantly suggested that he should sing on it. In the end, let’s just say we couldn’t reach an agreement, but even without vocals, the track is very strong.”

Tha Bomb – Dolce Vita is available in two versions: a Radio Mix and an Original Mix.

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