The Happy Groover DJ-set on Partycast TV

Jonathan Joosten, producer of The Happy Groover, was invited to play a DJ-set on The set was pre-recorded and airs march 13, 2021. For this occasion, Jonathan only played tracks produced by himself. Most of these tracks are currently unreleased, and some may never get an official release.

Among the tracks that may never see an official release are a bootleg remix of Giorgio MoroderFrom Here To Eternity, Farley Jackmaster FunkLove Can’t turn Around, Phil FearonAin’t Nothing But A House Party, and Jonathan’s entry for a recent KlubbheadsTurn Up The Bass remix contest. The entire DJ-set is an eclectic combination of various styles of House Music (Disco House, Melodic Techno, EDM, and more), with lots of roots in the 80s. Enjoy and if you like the mix, feel free to share it with your friends!

Remix The Remix – Void Vision out now!

Remix The Remix just released a new single: Void Vision. The track is a remake of the same-titled song by Cyber People, a project of Theo Spagna, which was released in 1985. Recently, elements of Void Vision were used in Purple Disco machine – Exotica.

While this track by Remix The Remix was actually produced over a year ago, and since then only used in DJ sets by producer Jonathan Joosten, the success of Exotica resulted in requests to finally release this version as well. Well, now would probably be a good time to release the song.

The story behind this remake: After hearing Cyber People – Void Vision for the first time, around 1985, producer Jonathan Joosten fell in love with the track. A few years later he was able to buy a copy of the record. He discovered that the b-side contained a ‘Slow Version‘ of the track. More importantly, the first ten seconds of this ‘Slow Version’ contained a sort of demo version of the main melody of the song. Ever since hearing that intro, Joosten wanted to use that in a new music production. Fast forward to late 2019 and Joosten finally got around to producing the version he had in mind for over three decades.

So what took so long to release the song? Simply put: the lyrics. Or better, not being able to identify the lyrics from the original song. All Cyber People songs are sung by a vocoder, which makes it difficult to understand what is precisely being sung. Over the years, many people have tried to figure out what the exact lyrics for Void Vision should be. There are lyrics available on certain websites, but they turned out to be a very poor interpretation of what is being sung. Joosten resang all vocals through a vocoder as well. He recorded two different versions of the song, but each version used different lyrics. As he was unable to figure out which lyrics were the correct ones, the song ended up on the shelf and became a private DJ tool foor Joosten.

Soon after Purple Disco Machine released Exotica, Joosten received the first requests to release his version of the song as well. While the matter of the lyrics still wasn’t solved, Joosten went ahead and finished the versions he had been working on using the vocals he felt sounded best, ignoring whether they made any sense. The Radio Edit of the Original Mix is now available on Spotify and all other streaming platforms. For DJ’s there is also the full Original Mix available, as well as a Tech House remix by Tha Bomb.

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Hindsight: Lessons learned from The Scary Groover

Final cover art for The Scary Groover

Back in 1998, following the success of The Happy groover – When I Snap My Fingers, the record company was looking to release a follow-up single to continue the success. As a producer I felt the unique sound I came up with for the first single, had been done and i didn’t want to simply copy myself. As a DJ I was playing in credible clubs and I wanted to be seen as a credible artist as well. The track i had in mind as follow-up single was very different and much darker than When I Snap My Fingers was. So in that area I wasn’t copying myself. But it felt weird to release such a dark track as The Happy Groover. So I suggested to change the name of the artist with every release, depending on the mood of the track. That’s how The Scary Groover came to be.

In hindsight I regret several decisions I made at the time. Changing your artist name with every release is simply a bad idea. People looking for your music won’t be able to find you. I was lucky the Dutch release contained a parody of the previous single as a bonus track, as that got supported a lot by Radio 538, who produced the parody as well.

Backglass of Gottlieb’s Haunted House pinball machine

I also learned to keep creative control when it comes to cover artwork. The cover artwork on the CD-single was created by an artist working for the record company. The original idea I pitched was a cover similar to the backglass of a pinball machine called Haunted House. Come to think of it, The Haunted Groover may have been a better name as well. I think I described what I had in mind to my A&R manager at the time, who would then brief the graphic artist. As a plan B I may have suggested to do something with the face of a Dracula look-a-like. That must have been easier to create, as that was the only concept that was ever shown to me. As there was a rush to release the track, I reluctantly approved the concept, but I still feel the Haunted House cover would have been a better choice. Oh well.

Eternity hits 100.000 streams

Screenshot from the Spotify for Artists page indicating the total amount of streams for Eternity

Today, The Happy Groover latest single Eternity (feat. Heleen de Geest) crossed the 100.000 streams mark on Spotify. That’s great news as it means the track has now earned about 20 cents 🙂 All joking aside, thanks for all the support for this track and please continue to support it. Here’s a list with links to all streaming services offering the track.

New Happy Groover single coming December 4th

The new single by The Happy Groover, Eternity, is scheduled for release on Friday December 4, 2020. The track is a radio-friendly Psy-Trance remake of Datura’s 1993 number 1 hit of the same name. The spoken vocals are by none other than ANWB radio host Heleen de Geest, one of the most popular female voices on national Dutch radio. The track can already be pre-saved by Spotify users. Follow The Happy Groover on Facebook to stay up to date as well.

UniGroove Dance Hits Discovery Megamix: summer 2020

Three months after launching the UniGroove Dance Hits Discovery playlist on Spotify, Remix the Remix produced a megamix containing 113 tracks from the playlist.

The megamix is 79 minutes long. Not only does this megamix give a good impression of the best Dance music of the past three months, July, August and September of 2020, but it also launches the UniGroove Dance Hits Discovery Mix Show. The plan is to produce new shows on a regular basis and offer these to (internet) radio stations to air. Not every Mix Show will be a megamix like the first episode, but if the megamix is appreciated, doing one of these every three months is certainly an option. Radio stations who are interested in airing the UniGroove Dance Hits Discovery Mix Show are asked to contact UniGroove: info AT unigroove DOT com.

New: Unigroove Dance Hits Discovery playlist on Spotify

Ever since UniGroove DJ/Music Producer Jonathan Joosten developed an interest in music, he’s been on the lookout for the Dance hits of tomorrow. And he’s been pretty good at it. In the past, he predicted many hits long before they were picked up by other DJs and/or radio stations. Today, after DJ’ing for over 30 years, discovering the best new Dance music is still a sport to him.

To give you an idea of the latest Dance music discovered by Jonathan Joosten, check out the UniGroove Dance Hits Discovery playlist on Spotify. The concept behind the playlist is simple:

  1. Only recently released Dance music is applicable to enter
  2. The playlist isn’t pretending to be the first to feature new music, but the music featured may still be new to many as it may not be released in your territory (yet).
  3. Whether a track makes it onto the Unigroove Dance Hits Discovery playlist mostly depends on the personal taste of curator Jonathan Joosten. This is not a playlist that lists everything just to have it listed.
  4. There is no limit to the number of tracks playlisted, but playlisted tracks can’t be listed for more than three months. It may very well be possible that tracks become huge hits after they have been removed from the playlist as they maxed out the three-month maximum listing.

If you would like to submit new Dance Music releases for playlist consideration, please send a Spotify link to: playlist @ unigroove . com (no spaces).